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Engage with your customers, beneficiaries, employees and others when they need it most.

Mahala Cloud is a B2C mobile application that works without mobile data, airtime or WiFi. It allows businesses to engage with consumers online, and accomplish specific tasks. The solution appeals to the majority of South Africans who buy mobile data and airtime several times a week, and only when they need it.

Why does this
The lion's share of our national consumer spend struggles to remain connected.

Most of the connected smartphones in circulation - over 80% - are in their hands of consumers who collectively represent the lion's share of our national consumer spend - food, clothes, gadgets, services. These same consumers, understandably, don't always have airtime or data on their phones, which makes B2C mobile engagement very difficult, to say the least.

Extend the continuum of
Millenials are't buying data - they go from WiFi to WiFi.

Mahala Cloud extends the continuum of mobile engageement betweeen the times your customers are connected and when they are not connected. It fills the gaps between the times they have data or are on Wifi, and when they don't.

mobile engagement.
Generate online sales opportunities when they are offline (have no data or aitime or WiFi.)

Mahala Cloud generates sales leads and opportuties that can be follow-ed up immediately or later.

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